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本文摘要:三、常见用法形容词或副词的比力级+than。如:You are taller than Tom. 你比Tom高。


三、常见用法形容词或副词的比力级+than。如:You are taller than Tom. 你比Tom高。可修饰比力级的词 a bit, a little, rather, much, far, a lot, a great deal, any, still, even.Unit 8 Have you read Treasure Island yet?When Sarah was a teenager, she used to fight over almost everything with her family.当萨拉还是一个青少年的时候,她经常险些所有事情都和她的家人争吵。

【剖析】fight over 为……争吵 fight for + 抽象名词(事业、自由、权利) 等 “为......而斗争” have a fight with 和......打了一架But five years ago , while she was studying abroad in England, she heard a song full of feelings about returning home on the radio.可是五年前,当她在英国留学时, 她在收音机上听到一首充满思乡之情的歌曲。【剖析1】abroad adv 在外洋;到外洋 My father often goes abroad.abroad 用法:表现到(在)外洋,是一个副词,前面不加介词。go abroad 出国 live abroad 住在外洋 at home and abroad 在海内外【剖析2】return = come / go back返回= give sth back 送还returen ... to ... 把.......送还给....... Don’t forget to return it to the library.【剖析3】on the radio 在收音机里;通过无线广播 介词on 表现 “ 以......方式”on the Internet 通过因特网;在网上 on the telephone 通过电话 on TV 通过电视She came to realize how much she actually missed all of them.她开始意识到事实上她是何等想念他们。【剖析】actually 真实地,事实上actually 和 in fact 用法的区别 actually adv. ① (无比力级、最高级)实际上,事实上,实际He looks unpleasant, but actually he is very kind. 他看起来板着面貌,但事实上很平和。

  in fact 相当于really, trulyNo one believed it, but in fact, Mary did pass her exam. 只管没有人相信,但实际上玛丽确实考试及格了。  前者通常作状语,用于书面语,修饰副词不行单独使用。后者可作状语或表语,可单独使用,既可用于书面也可用于口语中。 ( ) ________the earth is actually a bit nearer to the sun during our winter.   A. actually   B. in fact   C. real    D. /Ever since then, she has been a fan of American country music. 从那以后,她成了一名美国乡村音乐喜好者。

【剖析】ever since 自从……以来ever since 作连词时=since, ever起强调作用 ,主句常用现在完成时. I haven’t heard from him since last year. =I haven’t heard from him ever since last year.【2013浙江丽水】I met Lucy in the primary school and we have been close friends _____. A.as usual B.again and again C.sooner or later D.ever sinceMany songs these days are just about modern life in the US, such as the importance of money and success, but not about belonging to a group.现在的许多歌曲是关于美国现代生活的,例如:款项和乐成的重要性,但它们不属于一种类型。【剖析1】modern adj.现代的,今世的 such as “例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的”,相当于like或for example such as 后不行列出前面所提过的所有工具。I know four languages, such as Japanese and English. 我懂四种语言,如日语、英语 for example/such as辨析:for example“例如”,一般只以同类事物某人中的“一个”为例,作插入语,用逗号离隔,可置于句首、句中或句末。

【析】for example意为用来举例说明,有时可作为独立语,插在句中,不影响句子其他部门的语法关系。He,for example,is a good student. 例如,他就是个勤学生。such as“例如”,用来枚举同类人或事物中的几个例子。【析】such as用来枚举事物,插在被枚举事物与前面的名词之间, as 后不行以有逗号,可以与 and so on 连用。

Boys such as John and James are very friendly. 像约翰和詹姆斯这样的男孩都很友好。【剖析3】success 乐成 succeed v 乐成,到达 →success n 乐成 →successful adj 乐成的→successfully adv乐成地 ◆succeed in doing sth make a success 取得乐成( ) She works very hard ,so she will ____ in ____ the exam.A. successful; pass B. success ;passing C. succeed; passing D. successful; passing【剖析4】belong 属于; 归属【详解】belong v 属于 = be owned by belong to +人名(不能用所有格)+代词宾格(不能用物主代词) 属于【注】:belong to不能用于举行时态或被动形式,其主语经常是物。Sth belongs to sb = sth is sb’s The yellow car belongs to Mr. Smith = The yellow car is Mr. Smith’s.【甘肃兰州2】— Are these books ______ ? — No, they are not mine. They belong to _____. A. your; her B. yours; her C. you; hers D. yours; she【2013黄冈】The French book must be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French. A. belong to li Ying’s B. belong to Li Ying C. belong Li Ying’s D. belong Li Ying【2013哈尔滨】Mo Yan, a famous Chinese writer, won the Nobel Prize for literature at the end of the year 2012. We learn that success ______ the person with a never- give –up attitude. A. drives out B. takes over C. belongs toHowever, country music brings us back to the “good old days “ when people were kind to each other and trusted one another. 然而, 乡村音乐把我们带回人们相互友好、相互信任的“优美旧时代”。【剖析】be kind to 对……友好= be friendly to kind of “有点儿,有几分”相当于a little 或a bit a kind of “一种” all kinds of “种种各样的” different kinds of“差别种类的”what kind of ….的种类(用来询问事物的种别)( ) — _____ rice would you like? — Small , please.A. What kind of B. What size C. What size of D. What size bowl of7. He’s sold more than 120 million records. 他的唱片销量已经凌驾1.2亿张。

【剖析】million 一百万 hundred n 百 hundreds of 数以百的 thousand n 千 thousands of成千上万的 million n 百万 millions of成百万的【注】:(1)当million 前面有详细的数字时,用单数形式 (2)当million 后与of 连用时用复数形式, millions of 是数百万的意思,前面不能加数词【口诀】:详细的不加s 也不加of,不详细的加s 也加of【记】Three million workers have planted millions of trees【四川广元】— Guang’an is a beautiful city, isn’t it? — Yes, There are about two ______ visitors here every week. A. thousands of B. thousands C. thousand【2013云南中考】— How many people were invited to the meeting? — About six ____. A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of【2013雅安】We planted _______ trees last year. A. hundreds of B. hundred of C. five hundreds D. five hundred of【2013乌鲁木齐】The number of the cars in our neighborhood is about eight____, and ____ of them are new cars. A. hundred; two thirds B. hundred; two thirds C. Hundreds; two thirds D. hundreds; two third【2013宜宾】—“Food Safety” has become one of the hottest topics recently. —Yeah, it receives __________ Internet hits(点击) a day. A. thousands B. thousand of C. thousands of D. ten thousands8. I hope to see him sing live one day! 我希望有一天能现场听他唱歌!【剖析1】hope v 希望(1)hope to do sth. 希望做某事 I hope ______ (see) you again.(2)hope +that 从句 I hope you may succeed (3)I hope so 我希望是这样 (4)I hope not 我希望不是这样【注】:不能说 hope sb. to do sth 但可以说 wish sb. to do sth.希望某人做某事hope/wish辨析:wish一般表现某种强烈而又难以实现的“愿望”,hope表现的是可以实现或能到达的“希望”。① I hope to see you soon. 我希望很快就见到你。② I wish I (be)back home, I don’t like this place.【剖析2】live 现场直播的;实况直播的 I hope to see the Olypic Games live in 2016! 我希望2016年能到现场去看奥运会。

The number of records he has sold. 他已售出唱片的数量。【剖析】 the number of⑴ the number of 表现“……的数目” ,后跟名词复数或代词,其后的谓语动词用单数。

⑵a number of 表现“大量的,许多” ,后跟复数名词,其后谓语动词用复数。( ) — A number of students ____ in the dinning hall.— Let me count. The number of the students _____ about 400. A. are ; is B. is ;are C. are; are【2011四川达州】25.—How many______ teachers are there in your school? — _____ them _____ over two hundred. A. woman; The number of; is B. women; The number of; is C. woman; A number of; is D. women; A number of; are【2013贵州安顺1】In our school library there ___ a number of books on science, and in these years the number of them ___ growing larger and larger. A. are; is B.is; are C.have; are D.has; is10. Where is she from? 她来自那里?【剖析】be from =come from 来自She is from France=She comes from France.【注】be from 组成否认句时,在be 后加not;组成疑问句时,将be 提起。come from 组成否认句或疑问句时,要借助助动词do或does.(1)Her pen pal is from China.=Her pen pal _________China.(2) My classmate is not from China.=My classmate___________China.( ) Li Yan is my friend. She comes ____ a small village. A.on B.with C.of D.from11. Have you introduced this singer/ writer to other?你给其他人先容过这个歌手/作家吗?【剖析】 introduce v 先容;引进 (1) introduce oneself to sb. 向某人作自我先容 Let me introduce myself to you. (2) introduce A to B.把A先容给B May I introduce my friend Jim to you? (3) introduce into 引进 ( ) —Hello ,everyone! —Please let me ______. A. introduce my name B. introduce myself C. to introduce myself D. introduce to myself12. At the end of the day, the bus brought us back to our school.薄暮的时候,公共汽车带我们回到了我们的学校。

【剖析】(1) in the end =at last =finally 最后,终于 (2) at the end of 在….的末端(反)at the beginning of 在……开始 【既可用来表现时间, 也可以用来表现所在】 at the end of the speech 在演讲竣事时 at the end of the road 在路的止境(3).by the end of 在…..竣事时,常与已往完成时连用(had+已往分词)①My father agreed with me ________(最后),and bought me a little dog.( ) ② I tried many times,______ I succeeded. A. on the end B. in the end C. by the end D. at the end现在完成时:1.观点:已往发生或已经完成的行动对现在造成的影响或效果,或从已往已经开始,连续到现在的行动或状态。2.时间状语:recently, lately, since…for…,in the past few years, already ,yet ,never ,ever, just, before, so far ,once, twice etc. 3.基本结构: have/has + done4.否认形式: have/has + not +done.5.一般疑问句: 把have或has放于句首。

6.反义疑问句: 直接用has /have 举行反问 7.与时间段连用时,短暂性动词应改为相应的延续性动词。go out----be out finish-----be over leave ----be away from buy ----have borrow /lend -----keep open ---be open close---be closed die---dead start/begin ----be on join—--be in /be a member of /be a soldier become –be make friend ---be friend get up ---be up fall asleep ---be asleep catch a cold – have a cold reach/get/arrive---stay/beUnit 10 I ’ve had this bike for three years.1. I’ve had it for three years. 我拥有它三年了。【剖析】for +一段时间 表现行动连续一段时间,用于现在完成时【2012甘肃鸡西市1】 She_____ her hometown for many years. No one nearly knows her. A. has been away from B. has left C. had left【2012湖北十堰2】Ben is a foreign teacher. So far, he __ in Shiyan for five years. A. was teaching B. has taught C. will teach D. taughtAmy wants to keep her old things because they bring back sweet memories. 艾米想保留她的那些旧工具,因为它们能使她想起甜蜜的回忆。

【剖析1】keep (kept ; kept)保留keep 用法归纳如下: 一、用作系动词,意为“保持(某种状态)”,其后常接形容词作表语。Please keep quiet / silent! 请保持平静! 二、用作实义动词,⑴. 保管;生存;保留 Please keep these things for me while I am away.⑵. 赡养;饲养 I used to keep sheep in my childhood. ⑶ 坚持;继续 接V-ing 形式作宾语。If you keep practicing your spoken English, you'll soon make great progress.⑷ 阻止;阻碍 keep sb/sth from doing sth 其中介词 from 不能省略。The heavy rain didn't keep them from watching the football match.⑸ 保持。

其后常接复合宾语,表现使(某人或某物)保持某种状态或使某一行动继续。① keep + sb/sth + 介词。If your hands are cold, keep them in your pockets.② keep + sb/sth + 形容词。These gloves will keep your hands warm.③ keep + sb/sth + V-ing ,“让某人 / 某物一直……”,强调行动的连续性。


I'm sorry I've kept you waiting. 很歉仄,让你久等了。【短语】 keep a record 保持记载, keep in touch (with)保持与……的联系 keep out (of) 把……关在外面, keep up 保持;使……不能入睡 keep one's / an eye on密切注视 keep away (from) 脱离 keep in mind 牢记 keep one's word 遵守信誉【2013山东济南3】 —Could I __________ your iPad, Alice? —Of course. Here you are. A. lend B. keep C. borrow D. return【2013贵州安顺2】“Did you borrow the comic book from the library?” “ Yes. I _____ it for three days. I’ll return it this afternoon. A. borrowed B. kept C. have borrowed D. have kept【剖析2】 bring back (v+adv) 使追念起;使回忆起( ) Our excellent service ______ our guests _____ year after year. A. bring; down B. bring; back C. bring; in D. bring; up3. You can also give old things away to people in need. 你也能捐赠旧工具给那些需要的人们。【剖析】 in need 需要;需求【拓展】in danger 在危险中 in trouble在逆境中 in silence 在缄默沉静中 in good health 在好的康健状态中A friend in need is a friend indeed. 磨难见真情4. Because I don’t read it anymore . 因为我不用再读了。

【剖析】no more ;not … anymore/ no longer ;not... any longer不再 词语同义词用法no longernot… any longer强调时间或行动“不再延续” , 与延续性动词连用no morenot … any more强调数量和水平“不再增加” , 与非延续性动词连用 位置区别: 当修饰动词时,no longer通常置于be或行为动词前;no more一般置于行为动词后。not... any longer与not... any more常置于句末。He can no longer walk. = He can’t walk any longerThe little girl no more cried. = The little girl didn’t cry any more.( ) It is late. We can not wait him _____. A. any more B. no more C. more5. Because I’ve had it since I was a baby. 因为自从我很小的时候我就有它了。

【剖析】since 自从Since +从句(一般已往时),主句用现在完成时 He has studied very hard since he came to our school.【辨析】since 与for 在现在完成时态中的用法:since其后接时间点或时态为一般已往时的句子,表现某事是从什么时候开始的 I’ve been a soldier since two years agofor其后接时间段,表现某事连续了多长时间I’ve been a soldier for two years.【2011天津】My grandmother ___ a lot of changes in Tianjin since she came here. A.sees B. can see C. will see D. has seen【2011贵州毕节】I ______ many new friends since I came here. A.make B.made C.will make D.have made【2013上海】—_______ have you been in the sports club? —Since the first month I came to the school. A. How old B. How long C. How much D. How soon6. I have something for the kids, 我有一些孩子们的工具。【剖析】for 给;为了介词for用法归纳用法1:(表目的)为了。

They went out for a walk. 他们出去散步了。用法2:(表利益)为,为了。

What can I do for you? 你想要我什么?【2013上海4】The chemicals in the vegetables and fruit are bad ____ our health. A. from B. with C .of D. for【2013牡丹江2】—What did you get _____ your mother ____ Mother’s Day? —A beautiful card and a scarf. A. for; in B. for; on C. to; for【2013江苏盐城4】It is reported that a lot of adults take lessons online ___ further education. A. after B. to C. with D. for7. I’ve had this magazine for a couple of months.我拥有这本杂志已经几个月了。【剖析】a couple of 几个;一些= a few 后接可数名词复数a couple of “一对” ,优指伉俪、情侣I’ll be back in _______________days. (几天)8. The stories inside may be a bit old, but they’ll still interesting. 内里的故事或许有点老,但它们仍然很有趣。

【剖析】a bit 稍微;有点儿a bit /a little辨析:⑴ a bit和a little在肯定句中, 修饰动词、形容词、副词和比力级,"一点儿"。The speaker spoke up a bit/a little so as to make himself heard more clearly. 演讲者把嗓门提高了一点儿,以便使别人听得更清楚。


⑵ a little可以直接作定语修饰名词, a bit修饰名词,需后面加of组成短语 ,两者都只能修饰不行数名词 There is a little/a bit of food left for lunch. 午饭只能吃剩下的一点食品了。9. And check out these soft toys and board games for younger kids.【剖析】check out 检察;视察 check v检查【2013浙江宁波】 Please _______(检查)your test paper before you hand it in.【2013安徽3】I will meet Jane at the station, Please___ what time she will arrive. A. count B. choose C. check D. catch【2013天津】— Julie said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it? —Oh, really! I haven’t ____ my mailbox yet. A. examined B. reviewed C. tested D. checked10. My children are growing up fast .我的孩子们发展的很快。

【剖析】grow up 发展 (常用于指人或动物)( ) When I grow up , I want to be a teacher. A. give up B. put up C. get older D. get younger11. So we’ve been clearing out a lot of things from our bedroom for a yard sale.所以,我们正从卧室里清理出许多工具来办一场庭院拍卖会。【剖析】clear out 清理;把……清空 clean up 清理;使整洁 Please clear out the cupboard.12. We’ve decided to each sell five things we no longer use. 我们已经决议每人卖出去五件我们不用的工具。

【剖析1】decide 决议decide v 决议→-decision n 决议 (1)decide to do sth= make up one’s mind to do sth 决议做某事 (2)make a decision 做决议 ①My mother has decided _______________(take) me to acting lessons. ( ) ②My brother makes up his mind to study medicine. A. decided B. needs C. decides D. has【四川南充】The classroom was so dirty . I decided ____. A. clean it up B. to clean it up C. clean up it【2013河北中考2】The children decide ____ their school yard this Friday afternoon. A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned【剖析2】no longer = not ... any long 不再【在句中位置】no longer 位于助动词、情态动词或实意动词之后; not ... any longer not 常与助动词或情态动词连用,any longer 位于句末。I no longer live in this city. = I don’t live in this city any longer.【辨析】 no longer, not ... any longer; no more , not... any more.词语同义词用法no longernot ... any longer强调时间或行动“不再延续” ,与延续动词连用no morenot ... any more强调数量和水平“不再增加” 与非延续动词连用He can no longer walk = He can’t walk any longer.I have no more money to give you.= I don’t have money to give you any more.13. For example , he’s owned a train and railway set since his fourth birthday, and he played with it almost every week until he was about seven.例如,从他四岁生日以来,就已经拥有了这列火车和铁轨的组合,约莫七岁之前他险些每周都要玩这个玩具。【剖析】own 拥有own v 拥有→owner n 物主 of one’s own 某人自己的 the owner of … ……的所有者①Who is the ____________(own) of the bike? ②I want to see it with _______(I) own eyes.14. And he didn’t want to lose the toy monkey he’s had since then, 而且他也不想失去自从他出生就拥有的谁人玩具猴。

【剖析】lose (lost , lost) 失去 I hope we won’t lose the competition.My daughter was more understanding , although she felt sad to part with certain toys.我女儿比力通情达理,只管要失去某些玩具也让她感应惆怅。【剖析1】part with 与……离开;失去(尤指舍不得的工具) They were sorry to part with the old house.( ) She felt sad to part with her lovely dog. A. find B. lost C. lose D. found【剖析2】certain ⑴ 某种; 某事;某人 (在句中只能做定语,常与不定代词a连用,可修饰单、复数名词) A certain person called on me yesterday. ⑵ adj. 确实的,无疑的be certain of 对某事有掌握 They are certain of success. be certain to do sth 肯定做某事 He is certain to come.be certain +that确信 I’m certain that he’ll come.( ) He is certain _____ to ninety. A. live B. of live C. to live D. to living.As for me, I didn’t want to give up my football shirts , but , to be honest , I haven’t played for a while now.对于我来说,我不想放弃我的足球衫,但说实话,现在我有段时间没踢足球了。【剖析1】as for 至于;关于 (后跟名词、代词或动名词作宾语) As for computer, I’m not telling you anything.( ) — ____ the doctors, the most beautiful teacher Zhang Lili is out of danger. —We wish her to live a healthy and happy life in the future. A. In front of B. Thanks to C. As for D. Across from【剖析2】 to be honest = to tell (you) the truth老实说;说实话【拓展】honest adj. 老实的(反)dishonest adj. 不老实的an honest boy 一个老实的男孩【注】honest 以元音音素开头,所以前面的定冠词要用an.①He is a _________(honest) boy. We all don’t like him.②She is an __________(honest) girl. We all like her.③ Tom likes to tell lies, he is________(honest)( ) We should be honest to everyone . We shouldn’t tell lies. A. dishonest B. true C. truth D. truthful【剖析3】for a while 一会儿 She likes to lie down for a while after lunch.17. What will they do with the money they raise from the sale? 他们要用卖工具筹集来的钱做什么?【剖析】do with 处置惩罚;敷衍(某人或某物) deal with 处置惩罚 与how 连用 do with 处置惩罚 与what 连用do with“处置惩罚;安置”,强调处置惩罚的工具,常与what连用I don’t know what to do with these letters.deal with“处置惩罚;应付”,强调处置惩罚的方式、方法,常与how连用He taught me how to deal with pressure.【2011玉溪】We can’t decide what will happen in our life, but we can decide how we will _____it. A. agree with B. begin with C. deal with D. come up with( ) — ____ do you ____ your broken watch? — I am going to take it to the watchmaker’s . A. How; do with B. What; deal with C. How; deal with D. What; did with。



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